The Show Must Go On

Created by David Pisa

Dates:  Daily, September 24 through October 23, 2022
Doors open:  5 minutes before your appointed time

Broadway legend Bethel Berman has swooped in for a dazzling one-night-only concert at the Zephyr Theatre.  But Ms. Berman’s signature diamonds are nowhere to be found!  Curtain is in one hour, and Bethel refuses to perform without them.  Are they merely misplaced, or is there something more sinister afoot?  You and your intrepid team of backstage crew members must crack the case and save the show!


2 people – $80 ($40/person) – $60 for sustaining members
3 people – $105 ($35/person) – $85 for sustaining members
4 people – $120 ($30/person) – $100 for sustaining members
5 people – $125 ($25/person) – $105 for sustaining members
6 people – $135 ($22.5/person) – $115 for sustaining members


Saturday 9/24:   11am-1pm,  4-6pm

Monday 9/26:   1-3pm,  3-5pm,  5-7pm,  7-9pm
Tuesday 9/27:   1-3pm,  3-5pm,  5-7pm,  7-9pm
Wednesday 9/28:   1-3pm
Thursday 9/29:   1-3pm,  3-5pm
Friday 9/30:   1-3pm,  3-5pm
Saturday 10/1:   11am-1pm,  4-6pm
Sunday 10/2:   11am-1pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm

Monday 10/3:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm
Tuesday 10/4:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm
Wednesday 10/5:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm
Thursday 10/6:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm
Friday 10/7:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm
Saturday 10/8:   11am-1pm,  4-6pm
Sunday 10/9:   11am-1pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm

Monday 10/10:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm
Tuesday 10/11:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm
Wednesday 10/12:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  8-10pm
Thursday 10/13:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm
Friday 10/14:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm
Saturday 10/15:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm
Sunday 10/16:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm

Monday 10/17:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm
Tuesday 10/18:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm
Wednesday 10/19:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm
Thursday 10/20:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm
Friday 10/21:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm
Saturday 10/22:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm
Sunday 10/23:   11am-1pm,  1-3pm,  4-6pm,  6-8pm,  8-10pm


Am I really locked in a room?
Nope! The goal is not to escape — instead, you’re solving a mystery! The game will take place on The Zephyr Theater’s stage.

Are there any age requirements?
Zephyr recommends ages 14+ (due to puzzle challenges, not content). Children under 14 are welcome with their families.

How long does the game last?
Before the game, you’ll get some brief instructions and an introduction — less than 15 minutes. Then you will have 75 minutes to solve the mystery. You’ll also have a little time afterwards if you want to ask any questions.

Do I need to make an advance reservation?
Yes, Zephyr requires advance bookings (at least the day before), to ensure there is staff available.

How many people do I need to play?
Zephyr recommends 4 – 6 players. It’s possible with as few as 2, and up to 6.

Is the game physical?
There are no physical challenges, but you should be prepared to move around as you search for clues.

Will I have to play with strangers?
No! All bookings are private, so you don’t need to worry about making new friends.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
No! Everything needed to play the game is provided. Just bring your friends and your puzzle-solving skills.

October 1 @ 11:00 am

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