Anda Flamenco Company

Date:  Sunday, October 10, 2021
Time:  3:00 p.m.
2-hour performance, 20 minute intermission
Tickets:   $20, General Admission
Location:  Indoors, North Stage

Cash bar open

Anda Flamenco Company has continued to bring the passionate purity of authentic Spanish flamenco to their captivated and loyal Twin Cities audiences since 2002. Come enjoy the forceful beauty of this Spanish folk art form with all of its virtuoso guitar mastery and percussive footwork.

Meet the performers

Kristina de Sacramento

began studying flamenco 34 years ago in Paris. It made her change course from being a figure painter to a flamenco dancer, and then eventually to being the artistic director of her own company, Anda Flamenco. In Kristina’s life, the sun rises and sets on flamenco.

“Rafael de Tresa”

has been an actor, singer, dancer, and guitarist whose principal focus for years has been flamenco. He is happiest when he realizes an audience has felt the same thing he has at the end of his performance.

“El Niño David”

has over 50 years of performance experience in various styles of guitar. He has worked in flamenco since 1999 and studied in Spain with Emilio Maya. For David, playing flamenco is the ultimate expression of being a guitarist.

“Juana María”

began studying with Anda in 1995, and has gone to Spain annually to study with master dancers for over 10 years. For Juana, flamenco has become a way of life. In her alternate life, Juana was an architect.

“La Gaviota”

moved to Madrid to further her flamenco study shortly after she began in 1982. After taking a break to raise a family, she joined Anda in 2009. Gaviota’s performance goal is to take her audience on a journey to Spain.

“La Aceituna”

began her flamenco career 40 years ago, with time off to raise a family. In addition to performing with Anda, she also performs with two Florida-based companies. Her motto: Flamenco is more than a passion – it’s a part of my soul.

“La Isa”

began studying flamenco 14 years ago, and knows that flamenco is for all bodies. She’s proud to represent plus-size dances, and strives to shatter stereotypes around size. In her alternate life, Isa is a dedicated high school world-history teacher.

“Rafaela del Sol”

has been a lifelong dancer and performer. She has been dancing with Anda Company since 2013, and she is still happiest when she’s moving! She sends love and appreciation to her two daughters who teach her daily the meaning of love.

“La Rusita”

has studied flamenco in Minneapolis for 7 years, augmenting her studies in Spain since 2017. She is attracted to the mental and physical challenges of the art form. In her other life, Rusita is an MD specializing in pain treatment.

“Christina del Norte”

has spent 30 years pursuing her love of the art of flamenco. She is grateful for the opportunity to use this art form to express and share the broad range of emotions that we all feel.

October 10 @ 3:00 pm

North Stage

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