Backstage at the Z

Let There Be Lights

Backstage at the Z – Edition 10 – April 1, 2021 Springtime at The Zephyr Theatre – here we grow! Growth has always been the central theme of spring, and it has always been our central focus here at The Zephyr Theatre as well. It happens year after year, Mother Nature raises the curtain on her grandest annual performance – spring! Excitement, expansion, and new beginnings abound.

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Winter at The Zephyr will be a-MAZE-ing

Backstage at the Z - Edition 9 - January 12, 2021 The Zephyr Theatre has come up with a very cool way to celebrate winter, and it’s all about ice. Construction on the theatre’s Ice Palace MAZE began Jan. 7. By opening night Jan. 22, this icy delight will include 8-foot-tall exterior walls, a half-mile long interior ice maze, ice thrones, ice sculptures, and ice slides. More than 1,500 blocks, each weighing 260 pounds, will be transformed into this winter playground. A tower of colored lights will be a focal point.

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Surprise, Surprise!

Backstage at the Z - Edition 8 - December 8, 2020 I'm so happy! Typing this, there is a brass quintet downstairs playing Christmas music to be recorded for our "It's a Wonderful Life" at-home experience. Prior to the recording, they requested to practice for a Christmas concert that will be live-streamed this Thursday at an area church. In between the masked singer, and muffled bells of the brass, the familiar feeling of holiday concerts has returned and filled the air with a merry spirit.

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