What’s new at The Zephyr? Its website.

Backstage at the Z – Edition 11 – May 4, 2021 Celebrating our third anniversary Three years ago, on May 2, 2018, at precisely 10:30 a.m., the Minnesota Zephyr Train Depot became The Zephyr Theatre. The purchase was preceded by an inordinate amount of passionate fundraising, hours-long phone calls, late nights with early mornings, tears of both joy and pain.

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Traintrax to serve refreshments to theatre and trail customers

Stillwater Gazette - April 23, 2021 Hikers, bikers, runners, and dog walkers taking advantage of the Brown’s Creek Trail soon will be able to slake a thirst, take a break, and down some calories at Traintrax. Starting May 1, the renovated train trolley car resting on tracks between the trail and The Zephyr Theatre will be open from 7 a.m. to noon Thursdays through Sundays.

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Let There Be Lights

Backstage at the Z – Edition 10 – April 1, 2021 Springtime at The Zephyr Theatre – here we grow! Growth has always been the central theme of spring, and it has always been our central focus here at The Zephyr Theatre as well. It happens year after year, Mother Nature raises the curtain on her grandest annual performance – spring! Excitement, expansion, and new beginnings abound.

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